ASQB are an Australian leader in property compliance and maintenance

Working closely with real estate, strata and home-owner communities, ASQB proudly delivers a complete range of property compliance and maintenance services.

From smoke alarm and window compliance, to glazing, window and door repairs, methamphetamine inspections and general property maintenance, ASQB’s committed teams are here to ensure that your properties are looked after.

With ongoing property compliance and maintenance services, we aim to add value to your asset whilst providing safety and security for residents. Backed by our innovative team, we are at the forefront of property compliance and maintenance in Sydney, with all of our solutions complying with the relevant Government Legislation, protecting Property Managers, Landlords, Strata Managers and Owners’ Corporations against liability.

ASQB is committed to providing our clients with professional and hassle-free services, allowing you to rest easy knowing our professional team is on hand to meet the needs of Real Estate Managers, Strata Managers, Owners’ Corporations and homeowner communities alike.

Some of our clients we work with...

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Made 75,000 homes
compliant in NSW

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