Annual Smoke + Window Compliance Package

Streamlining Your Smoke Alarm + Window Safety Compliance Obligations

ASQB is committed to providing professional and hassle-free compliance services. One such service offered to landlords is our Annual Smoke Alarm and Window Safety Compliance Package.

The engagement of this service ensures legal obligations are continually being met, protecting both Occupants and your Assets.

Benefits of Our Smoke + Window Compliance Package

  • Streamline Process
  • Single Access
  • All-inclusive Report
  • Elevate Legal Burden

$99 Annual Smoke Alarm Compliance Service

$99 Annual Window Safety Compliance Service


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Smoke Alarm Testing

  • Installation of new alarms (if required)
  • Cleaning of smoke alarm and surrounding area
  • Battery replacement (if required)
  • Decibel testing
  • Smoke test – assess effectiveness
  • Replace/upgrade faulty and expired smoke alarms
  • Alarms found to be damaged, faulty, expired or missing will be installed FREE OF CHARGE

Window Safety Device Testing

  • Unlimited assessment of safety devices within premises
  • Functionality assessment
  • Force testing
  • Measurement evaluation
  • Application of ‘Warning’ sticker
  • Free lock alterations/ adjustments
  • Free key replacement*
  • Free Window Condition report*
  • Low cost for device replacement (if required)

Unlimited Re-Attendance Visits

  • Unlimited return visits within the year to ensure smoke alarms are compliant (end of lease)
  • Unlimited re-attendance within the year when beeping or faulty alarms require attention
  • 12 month unlimited re-attendance for any ASQB certified Window Safety device that becomes faulty*


*Reoccuring visits due to access failure may incur additional charges. See Service Terms and Conditions.

Compliance and Record Management

  • Photographic and descriptive evidence of Smoke Alarm Compliance in accordance with the Building Code of Australia and AS3789-1993
  • Photographic and location descriptive evidence of each Window Safety Device
  • Time and date stamp on all certification
  • Signature of both technician and occupant acknowledging assessment
  • The submission of compliance report following each inspection
  • Window Safety Compliance Certificate retrievable from ASQB portfolio


Engage ASQBs annual compliance assessments to ensure all responsibilities and contractable obligations are met

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Placing Safety and Assets at risk

Figures are based on an extensive 12-month industry analysis by ASQB

  • For every 2.5 Lots Visited a window fails to comply with Legislation
  • 10.38% of Window Locks have failed just 12 Months after being certified to comply
  • 68% of failed devices occurred due to residents tampering with or removing the device
  • Lost or missing keys also contributed to a significant portion of the failed assessments





*Important Note: High Risk windows that fail to meet fall prevention standards will have a new window safety device installed on the spot*. ASQB will install the most suitable safety device, ensuring landlords meet obligations and achieve full compliance. *Replacement of lost keys. ASQB stock 90% of the most commonly used window lock keys. Free key replacement is only applicable for keys ASQB have in stock. In all other instances the locking device will be replaced and charged accordingly. *A window condition report will be carried out on each individual high risk window. If the window requires maintenance to better achieve safety or improve the buildings efficiency, we will provide these details along with the costings to rectify. *The installation of new window safety devices will incur a $39/ device charge (in addition to the $99 flat rate fee). By enrolling a property into this annual subscription program you agree to these potential additional charges. All new devices come with a 12 month workmanship warranty.




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