Introduced in 2013, the NSW Child Window Safety Legislation made it mandatory for Owners’ Corporations to comply or risk personal liability. As the original window safety check and installations experts in Sydney, ASQB has been committed to helping Property Managers and Strata Managers understand and meet their obligations and liabilities.

Specialised in the installation of strata window safety locks, our highly trained team tailor and project manage your compliance rollouts, from  start to finish. We cover all bases, providing you with a detailed execution plan of works, whilst ensuring minimal disturbance for occupiers,  hence freeing up Strata and Property Managers.

Once your NSW Child Window Safety Device Legislation obligations are achieved, we provide the relevant certification and
documentation, with the option of accessing your past certificati on records.

To meet your legislative window safety lock requirements, our Window Safety Compliance Service provides the following:
• Risk Management Reporting
• Compliance Solutions
• Installation of Safety Devices
• Certification and Documentation
• Annual Window Safety Compliance Reinspection
• Education and Awareness

To take the hassle out of your Window Safety Compliance Obligations, get in touch at 02 9785 7893 or email us here.


The best steel window child safety locks in Sydney

Given the importance that is placed on steel window safety compliance in Sydney and across Australia, it is important that all requirements of legislation are met for all concerned. When it comes to steel windows, historically they are notoriously difficult to retrofit with fall prevention devices.

Based on extensive research and testing, ASQB has developed an industry-first installation technique that prevents falls without compromising steel window glass structure or design.

When ASQB install steel window child safety locks to your strata buildings, you can be guaranteed a number of things:

• The installation is fully compliant with NSW legislation
• There is low risk of glass breakage
• The modifications to windows are tasteful
• There is minimal steel exposure
• There are no unsightly rust problems
• The device is set at the safe 125mm vent position
• There is a manual safe vent override option 

Our steel window child safety locks are designed for steel casement and steel awning windows

Unlike other window safety devices, our solution is developed specifically for steel window casements and awnings. That means a visually pleasing result that’s fully compliant with NSW window safety regulations, without an increased risk of glass breakage or rust.  

A Sydney team of steel window safety compliance specialists

Due to the high level of skill required to install steel window safety devices, we’ve built a team of expert technicians who specialise in this field. Contact ASQB today for a steel window safety compliance quote.

Meet your Window Safety Compliance requirements with our simple step-by-step process:

1. Assessment

2. Installation

3. Certification