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Testing for drug residue by wipe sampling

ASQB’s highly trained technicians will undergo a field procedure referred to as "Wipe Sampling". This is a technique used to identify contamination deposits within residential properties.

Our ‘Wipe Sampling’ procedure is carried out using the NIOSH Method 9111 (meth on wipes by liquid chromatography – mass spectrometry) and tested in our Australian based laboratory.

This service is for Property Managers only.

Meth Contamination Detection

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Alarming Facts

  • 20% of methamphetamine contamination occurs from illegal labs
  • 80% of methamphetamine contamination occurs when it is regularly used within a property (users)
  • People who become dependent on methamphetamine typically inject or smoke the drug, and use it at least twice a week


How does an environment become contaminated?  

  • Methamphetamine contamination occurs when the drugs' residue and by-product repeatedly come into contact with the environment
  • Contamination can occur from repeated use and or manufacturing
  • With continued exposure, the chances of contamination become high, as Methamphetamine is easily absorbed into building materials, fixtures and fittings


What are the risks?

  • Methamphetamine residue can be ingested via skin, mouth or contact with eyes
  • Acute exposures can result in difficulty breathing, chest pain and coughing, loss of physical coordination, irritation and chemical burns on the skin, eyes, nose and mouth
  • Exposure can even be lethal


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