Window repairs Sydney from your experts at ASQB


As leaders in Window repairs Sydney, our committed team understand the importance of the safety and security for residents. ASQB’s experience allows us to constantly provide our clients with efficient, on-the-spot repairs and quality parts replacement.


With a service that always provides minimal disruption for Property Managers, Strata Managers, landlord as well as tenants, our Window Repairs service is comprehensive, allowing peace of mind for all involved, ensuring safety and security is out top priority.


Our service will always guarantee the safe function of doors and windows throughout each property, always adding value and longevity of the doors and windows for the property owner.


Our window repairs in Sydney service includes:


Spring & Spiral balance Replacement

Often the spring and spiral balances within double sash windows will need replacing.


Window & Door sealing with new Weather & Mohair Strips

ASQB technicians can increase the efficiency of your home with the replacement of weather and mohair strips.


Timber Double Sash cord repairs

ASQB service technicians will replace these sash cords and restore the window to function as intended.


Window & Door Roller Replacement

Our ASQB service vehicles are equipped with all models of window and door rollers. Our technicians will replace the rollers allowing the user to open and close with ease.


Chainwinder Replacement

ASQB’s maintenance division will service or replace the corroded chainwinder with a brand new one, making the window operable once again


Timber Sash Replacement

When the sash is beyond repair, our service team will replace the sash and rejuvenate the window.


Window & Door Track Capping

ASQB service technicians will install a stainless steel capping over the worn track. This new surface in conjunction with the new rollers will have the door or window gliding with ease.  


General Window Hardware Replacement

This service will include but is not limited to
- Awning and Casement window stays
- Window and Door locks
- Door closers
- Window Clasps


Timber Door installation, solid core, hollow core and fire doors

ASQB service technicians can replace all timber doors, including the installation of all required hardware.



So if your property is in need of window repairs, contact ASQB today.










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