2. Do you offer Smoke Alarm Compliance Services?

Yes, we do. As property compliance and maintenance experts, ASQB’s smoke alarm compliance service provides Property Managers with the peace of mind that their client’s assets are being looked after and all legislation is being met. Our smoke alarm service will include smoke alarm testing, unlimited re-attendance visits as well as compliance and record management via our client portal.

ASQB’s annual smoke alarm testing delivers peace of mind to property managers and landlords, with operable smoke detectors reducing the likelihood of a negligence claim. Don’t put occupants at risk. Test and maintain your smoke alarms meticulously. 

Our service will cover all smoke alarms affected by legislation. 


Smoke Alarm Testing 

  • Replacement/Installation of new alarms (if required)
  • Cleaning smoke detector and surrounding areas
  • Battery replacement
  • Decibel testing
  • Smoke test – assess effectiveness
  • Replace/ upgrade faulty and expired smoke detectors

Unlimited Re-Attendance Visits

  • Unlimited return visits within the year to ensure smoke alarms are compliant (end of lease)
  • Unlimited re-attendance within the year when beeping or faulty alarms require attention

Compliance and Record Management 

  • Photographic and descriptive evidence of compliance in accordance with the Building Code of Australia and AS3789-1993
  • Time and date stamp on all certification
  • Signature of both technician and occupant acknowledging assessment
  • The submission of compliance report following each inspection
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