NSW Window Safety Legislation

Overview of NSW Window Safety Legislation

In 2013, new window safety laws were introduced to help prevent children from falling from windows in residential strata buildings. This was in response to research by the Children’s Hospital at Westmead, which identified that an average of one child per week was admitted as a result of falling from windows, resulting in serious and life-threatening injury. NSW Window Safety Legislation states that all strata buildings in NSW must be fitt ed with window safety locks so that the window opens at less than 12.5cm, hence greatly reducing the risk of a fall. A Child Safety Lock must be fitted to all openable windows sitting 2m or higher above the ground, with an internal height of 1.7m or less. According to the legislation, Owners’ Corporations must have had approved child safety devices installed on all applicable common property windows from 13 March 2018, or be at risk of non-compliance. Regulation 31 of the Strata Schemes Management Amendment (Child Window Safety Devices) Act 2013 states the following:

1. A building in a strata scheme is a building to which section 64A of the Act applies if the building contains lots used for
residential purposes.

2. A window within any such building is a window to which section 64A of the Act applies if:

(a) it is a window within the meaning of the Building Code of Australia, and
(b) it can be opened, and
(c) the lowest level of the window opening is less than 1.7m above the surface of any internal floor that abuts the wall of
which it forms part, and
(d) the internal floor is 2m or more above the surface of any external surface below the window that abuts the wall, and
(e) it is a window on common property to which access can be gained from a residence in a strata scheme or a window on
any part of the building that is part of a residence.

3. A screen, lock or any other device is a complying window safety device for the purposes of section 64A of the Act if it:

(a) is capable of restricting the opening of a window so that a sphere having a diameter of 125mm or more cannot pass
through the window opening, and
(b) is capable of resisting an outward horizontal action of 250 newtons, and
(c) has a child resistant release mechanism, in the case of a device that can be removed, overridden or unlocked.


Steps to Compliance
From simple upgrades to large-scale installations, our child window safety experts in Sydney ensure window safety and compliance in buildings of any shape and size.



Assessment - An inspector will visit and externally assess a sample of windows within the building. This will be followed by a site-specific compliance report, outlining window safety device options and necessary actions for full window safety compliance.



Installation - Once works are approved, our window safety lock professionals schedule your installation and provide
3- 4 weeks’ notice to residents, who can book preferred time slots with our easy online booking system. Our professional installers ensure minimal disruption, whilst installing safety devices in a friendly and efficient manner.



Certification - Installation certificates are issued for each residence, providing Strata Managers and Owners’ Corporations with a signed record of the legislation being met. Our Annual Window Safety Compliance Reinspection service will then ensure windows remain compliant and upgrades are performed when required.

Download our NSW Legislation document below.